Monday, May 25, 2009


Learning tables is lots of fun, do it while playing with your mum, tables of 5, 9, 10 & 11 are called magic tables, my mom taught me so.
Table of 2, miss odd numbers , keep writing even numbers....2,4,6,8...........
Table of 5 , just follow the sequence of 5 & 0, u'll never go wrong.
Table of 9 is easiest to write, write the answers in whole number from top to bottom 0-9 & reverse 9-0 from bottom to top.
Table of 10 is a simple sequence of 10, 20, 30, 40 so on ..........
Table of 11 is duplication of same numeral all through.......11,22,33,,44 so on & so forth......... And u thought tables are tough, try again & attempt it my way.

Monday, May 18, 2009


पेड़ से लटके अंगूर के गुच्छे,
खाते बड़े-बूढे और बच्चे ,
हरे भी होते ,काले भी,
मीठे-मीठे रसवाले भी,
मधुमेह का रोग हो जिनको,
दूर से ही वो देखें इनको,
नहीं सफलता जब भी मिलती,
"अंगूर खट्टे हैं", मम्मी मुहावरा कहती!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A trip to nainital......

I was bored of going to school daily , same routine, same books, same classes and that 45 minutes bus ride from school to home in hot sun, i was loosing interest in everything. then, papa gave us all a surprise holiday of 5 days , he took us all on a trip to nanital. I had never been there before so, i was very excited.
Mom told us that it is called nanital because nain means eye & taal means lake, the lake around which this hill station is located is in the shape of an EYE. To see it actually was more exciting then mumma's explanation. We started by car from our home and reached after a journey of 7 hours and I enjoyed the uphill car ride of hills the most because it was beautiful all around and the curves of road were scary as well as thrilling , my little brother sheenoo fell ill because of riding on all these curves, he vomitted twice.
On first day, soon after reaching , we went for a boat ride on naini lake, the boat was in shape of a swan, it was beautiful to see hills, houses from the middle of the lake while on the boat. The boatman left us all on the other side of lake and we walked up to naina devi temple.It was very neat and clean temple, pujari gave me , my favorite prasad there. There was a huge market near this temple where i tried my hands on shooting few balloons, i blew a few of them but missed my aim of blowing a lighted candle. we had dinner and came back to our hotel. Next day papa took us to a tour of all nearby lakes, so many of them, i remember bheemtaal, saattaal, forgot the names of others and got scolding from mumma while writing it down.H ere also we did boating .
I liked the ropeway though i was scared to go in there initially, mumma again showed us both the naini lake , i could hardly understand the shape and name thing. papa also took us all to ranikhet, another hill station and i saw stairs like hills on the way. mumma said its called terrace farming. I really liked the view from my car . Ranikhet was not much interesting.I enjoyed the most in cave garden , it had 6 caves and i loved crawling, climbing , jumping in them to find my way out.
While coming back, Papa took us to corbett falls, i loved to see this water fall, looked like a jungle all around, i also played in cool water for sometime and then came back home. I enjoyed my trip alot. I would like to go back there again.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Green Trees!

Green-green trees, lovely and fresh trees,

so many types, long, tall, bushy and small are there,

each one gives us food and fresh air, thus,

trees are very helpful to us, lets grow more without any fuss!